transportationcropIn its editorial supporting the high-speed rail line between the Twin cities and Chicago, the STrib lets slip a rather remarkable statement. After noting there will be much regional competition for the $8 billion allotted for rail projects, the editorial board writes:

“Of course, it helps that President Obama, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel all have Illinois ties.”

That  political connections influence distribution of federal funds is not surprising; that the STrib’s ethical bar is so low that it is not ashamed by its implication that political influence, rather than project merit, is a legitimate (because it is favorable to Minnesota) factor in obtaining federal funds is as disappointing as it is astounding.

When even the free press no longer pretends that taxpayer-funded projects ought to be awarded on value and merit, then restraint on government spending is truly irrelevant. Going along to get along is not an act of moral cowardice; it is a virtue. Minnesota values are replacted by the pragmatic ethics of Illinois.

The STrib is only facing financial bankruptcy; it has already succumbed to moral bankruptcy.