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November 11, 2008                                                                                      

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Pat Anderson Announced as President of Minnesota Free Market Institute


ST. PAUL – The Minnesota Free Market Institute today announced that Former State Auditor and Commissioner of the Department of Employee Relations Pat Anderson has joined the Institute as the incoming President. Anderson succeeds founding President David Strom, who will remain a Senior Policy Fellow with the Institute.

The Minnesota Free Market Institute’s mission is to promote the virtues of free markets and individual liberty over centralized bureaucratic government solutions to today’s problems.

Ms. Anderson has a long and varied career in both the public and private sector.  She served as Eagan city council member from 1991-1998, mayor of Eagan from 1998-2002, and as State Auditor from 2003-2007.

Anderson most recently served as Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Employee Relations, managing its merger with the Minnesota Department of Finance. She is perhaps the first Commissioner in Minnesota history to intentionally work herself out of a job in order to promote greater efficiency in government.

Ms. Anderson also owned two businesses which she managed until her election as Auditor.

“This is a great opportunity to shape and influence public policy from a free market perspective,” said Anderson.  “Now more than ever Minnesotans need to hear from advocates of limited government and free markets. We intend to be the voice of reason as the proponents of big government run wild in St. Paul and Washington D.C.,” Anderson concluded.

The Minnesota Free Market Institute promotes limited government, individual liberty, and free market public policy solutions.