Contact: David Strom

February 25, 2008

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Big Win for Polar Bears, Ski Jumps and Trails at the Capitol Today

Tax Increases free up money for State-funded leisure activities


St Paul—Taxpayers are going to see a significant bump in their tax burdens now that the Governor’s veto of the Transportation Bill has been overridden.

That’s good news if you think that the bonding bill should devote significant resources to Polar Bear exhibits, hiking and biking trails, convention centers, and other local projects instead of high-priority roads and bridges.

“Legislators had an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to prioritizing State spending by making local projects compete with roads and bridges. Instead, they chose to raise taxes and place the burden of making hard choices on citizens instead of on State Legislators,” said David Strom, President of the Minnesota Free Market Institute.

“Governor Pawlenty was absolutely right when he proposed using General Obligation Bonds to fund roads and bridges. In fact, we believe that he should have gone farther and proposed to use State bonds for State roads, and requiring that all bonding projects have cost-benefit analyses to demonstrate their worth,” Strom said.

“Now that Legislators have decided to raise taxes the bonding bill will have plenty of room for pork-barrel spending, as it always has,” Strom concluded.

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