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February 11, 2008                                                                           

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Minnesota Free Market Institute Comments on the DFL Agenda Unveiled Today

ST PAUL—In a joint press conference today senate majority leader Larry Pogemiller and Speaker of the House Margaret Anderson Kelliher stated support for a transportation bill including a gas tax increase and a metro-wide sales tax. They also stated there would be no floor vote on the bonding bill until after transportation bill is passed. Minnesota Free Market Institute comments:

David Strom, President:

“The DFL leaders say that their agenda is to spur economic growth, but then insist that the bonding bill be held hostage to tax increases. They say that transportation is a priority, but are holding up the release of Federal funds that are available today to fix our roads and bridges. What we are seeing here is the triumph of politics over policy. ”

Craig Westover, Senior Policy Fellow:

“The legislative plan the majority leader and speaker are advocating puts the revenue cart before the spending horse. State resources are state resources, and the legislature ought to prioritize and do cost/benefit analysis on all capital investment projects, including infrastructure construction and reconstruction, before creating a bill to raise taxes. Holding the bonding bill out as a carrot for quick action on a transportation bill is a pretty obvious indication that bonding bill isn’t about good investment as it is a reward for legislators that go along to get along.”

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